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Monday, December 15, 2008


It has been busy, let me tell you.

First off, I forgot my gmail addy so I had no way to log in here. I fail to win the internet on a regular basis.

I'll make a post later showing what I've been up to. It's been crafty as usual over here :D

Friday, August 15, 2008

No rest for the wicked.

Instead of sleeping lately, I've been crafting.

I got some new supplies, and I'm determined to learn to crochet to a 'respectable' level. Why I would do such a thing is beyond me, seeing as how everyone on the planet can already crochet and I should spend my time doing something else, no?





Guaranteed you can do better. If you're in the mood to try, pick up Tiny Yarn Animals

Speaking of things you can do better at...I joined a craft swap and someone sent me all the fixings for needle felting. I felt completely uninspired by the online tutorials so I googled pictures of sushi and came up with this.

In more respectable crafts, I recently found a local lace-making guild so I'm going to pick up bobbin lace-making and tatting (just got started with tatting, it's really fun so far). Also, googled and found free plans to make my own loom for weaving so I'll be branching into that soon. I'm back in 'learn more crafts' mode as opposed to 'get better at my crafts' mode. Sometimes, my brain needs food, man. That's just how it works.

Monday, August 11, 2008

New or not new...that is the question.

It's about time I had a public blog, no? There is a certain sense of accomplishment in knowing that you can horrify more than a select few with your craft-gluttony. My nickname is Habibe, but my husband calls me "Rain man of the needles". My talent is learning obscure crafts related to fiber or textile arts, freaking out repeatedly until the directions make sense, and then cranking out project after project at record speed. The process frustrating. The results are yours...for a fee. The talent itself is, for the most part, pointless. I've found no real way to capitalize on 'knowing obscure crafts' and I'm far too lazy for the undertaking.

Someday, I will cure my own lazy and finally apply for and achieve certification as an artisan (that's master, for the lay-folk) in at least one form of needle arts.


No one cares about me anyway. You're here to see my work, so let's get on with it!

I make yarn. I suck at it. I won't always suck at it, but I do right now. I'm okay with this.

Because I do things backwards, I learned to spin before I learned what to do with the yarn. This is because I intend to spin thread for embroidery. However...while I have it, I might as well use it. Knitting is something else I fail at.

So is crochet!

Things I fail less at:


Sewing (completion is usually immediately before the gift must be given. In this instance, Christmas morning.)

This is also sewing, obviously.

Things I manage to win awards for (instead of failing).

This is hardanger embroidery, also known as norwegian lace-making.

I also design my own patterns.

This is what hardanger looks like with a magnifying glass.

This is what hardanger looks like when you don't iron it.

Oh look...needlepoint.


This is what I should be doing ;)

Proof that I actually can cross-stitch, in spite of my hatred of it.

Punch Needle Embroidery

Silk Ribbon, Pulled Thread, Cutwork, Hardanger, Cross Stitch, Brazilian Embroideries. Also includes beadwork and bargello.

So there you have it. My crafting resume. If I haven't bored you to death, c'mon back for more!

Have a happy Monday.