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Friday, August 15, 2008

No rest for the wicked.

Instead of sleeping lately, I've been crafting.

I got some new supplies, and I'm determined to learn to crochet to a 'respectable' level. Why I would do such a thing is beyond me, seeing as how everyone on the planet can already crochet and I should spend my time doing something else, no?





Guaranteed you can do better. If you're in the mood to try, pick up Tiny Yarn Animals

Speaking of things you can do better at...I joined a craft swap and someone sent me all the fixings for needle felting. I felt completely uninspired by the online tutorials so I googled pictures of sushi and came up with this.

In more respectable crafts, I recently found a local lace-making guild so I'm going to pick up bobbin lace-making and tatting (just got started with tatting, it's really fun so far). Also, googled and found free plans to make my own loom for weaving so I'll be branching into that soon. I'm back in 'learn more crafts' mode as opposed to 'get better at my crafts' mode. Sometimes, my brain needs food, man. That's just how it works.

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