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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Mostly spending my time working on the design for Smac. It's coming together nicely and I'll have it out on time. For those following:


My TUSAL jar is filling up fast as well.


I'll have to get a bigger one :D

Taking a friend out for birthday dinner, and then going back at the Smac design.


Yoyo said...

I am really surprised that you haven't grauated to a gallon size Totally Useless Container yet with all the wonderful goodies you work on. Smac is really moving along, and I love the mittens with the cup for the fingers!!

Rabid said...

LOL I have to find a bigger container I suppose. Not sure where I'll find one, but it needs doin'.

Thanks for visiting! Smac's even further now. I should take a pic at some point eh? ;)