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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Wow...I had no idea it'd been this long since I posted.

I've been crazy busy at work, and then I managed to slice off the tip of my finger during a quilting class, making typing nearly impossible. It's all better now :)

On the plus side:


Making serious progress on this quilt top. I'm adding borders and then I'll be ready to make my quilt sandwich. I have to get all of that done by the next class, which is on Friday. It's the last class.


I also started a table runner/placemats. They were supposed to be for a class but my student had to cancel. On the plus side, I was also making them as a Christmas present, so they'll still be useful :)


All of the supplies are in for the two biscornu patterns I'm trying to find time to stitch. I also got some 40 count linen for a side project I'm doing. I'm trying some projects from Trish Burr's book. I'll let you know about the book and how it goes.

Speaking of embroidery:


The hardanger ornaments are done for the classes I'll be teaching this Winter. I made an extra tag as a side project. It'll also come in handy when I crank out a ton of them this winter for adding to presents.


Isn't it cute?

In other picture news, both bad and good:


I can't learn loom weaving to save my life. It can't be complicated...I just can't read instructions because I have ADHD so I try snippets here and there and get hopelessly lost. I tried videos too but don't have one that makes a hat from beginning to end. URGH. Any advice?

In better news:



I have a new cutting table. Of course, for the moment it's covered with stuff so I need better organization, but it'll come. Some of those patterns I picked up will come in handy when it comes to organizing. I'm excited though. I really needed the space.

In less picture-heavy news...

Urban Threads, one of my favorite embroidery pattern companies, posted a picture of my rabbit on their blog as a craft mascot. He doesn't know he's internet famous yet, because it'd go straight to his head.

Speaking of Urban Threads, they're featured in another article of mine, which lists crafty projects and volunteer opportunities for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but don't let October's end be the end of helping others. Get out there and make a difference for someone who needs some handmade love.

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