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Friday, April 17, 2009

Gold needles


These are gold needles. I use gold needles for ALL forms of embroidery because they last much longer.

You're supposed to toss needles after one project. I tend to stretch them a bit longer because I can, but still, I go through so many needles I might as well buy a sharps container so I can dispose of them safely.

Because of this, I switched to gold needles. They really DO last longer. About 2.5-3 projects on average.

These are DMC gold tapestry needles. I bought them at Jo-Ann's, though I buy gold needles almost anywhere I see them. I took this picture for a friend so she can see the various stages of use and not throw them away too soon. As you can see, under the gold plating is a regular needle, also plated. Needles without any plating go dull gray and you can feel as you stitch with them that they try to catch the fabric. They are no longer smooth and should be retired so that you can keep your project damage-free.

The needle on the left is new, and completely gold. The one in the center has considerable use and the gold is gone. You can see the regular needle underneath. The one at the far (right) end can no longer be used.

Just a little FYI. If you embroider regularly, consider switching to gold needles. I use both tapestry needles and embroidery needles (tapestry needles have blunt tips and are used for cross stitch, hardanger, etc...where you have to put the needle between looser fabric threads), and they're all gold. As a bonus, they're also easier to find!

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