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Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm back!

This post will be picture heavy.


This is what happens when I pick up a new skill. I learned basic tatting on the plane (4 hour flight) and this is my first completion.


This is my first tatted lace. It's really loose between the loops, but I'll get there. I don't care much for this colorway, but it's practice anyway.

Now for something I know a little bit more about...


Ah, hardanger. I can do this in my sleep, which I actually proved today.


The back of the lacework section. The back of your work DOES matter. You will never be considered proficient at needlework with sloppy backs after all.


Another doily! This thread is from threadworx, a company I've been dying to try ever since I saw them in the web. Their products are just as delicious in person as they are on the web, I can assure you.


A close up of the colorway. The color changes on this thread are really short, making for vibrant stitches that showcase the colors pretty quickly. This makes it easy to use in small pieces.


For those who like the thread are some of the colorways I picked up in Arizona.

I'm glad to be back, though I wish my trip had been longer. Now it's back to work!


Sharon said...

Have you seen the hand dyed thread that tatters make? Some of the ladies will even take orders for custom colours. There's YarnPlayer:
and LadyShuttleMaker (she makes ceramic shuttles):
I have videos with how to tat on my web site:
and tutorials of other stuff on my blog:
Tatting isn't a lost art, it's alive and well and living on the internet.

TattingChic said...

What is the thread you are using in the first two pics?? You know, the thread color you don't like.

Oh, yes, do try (if you want) the HDT (hand dyed thread) that Sharon is suggesting. I've purchased from both gals and I've really enjoyed tatting with their fabulous threads.

Keep tatting! It's a fun art to pursue! You've learned the most important part...the flipping of the threads so you can close that ring! Good job!

Your hardanger is lovely! :)

Isdihara said...

There is also the fine Irish lady, Tatskool, who hand-paints lovely threads! I have purchased from her as well as the two previously mentioned HDT artists. All three are first-rate, personable and believe in quality customer service.

Tatskool's Hand Dyed Thread

Tatskool's blog

Rabid said...

@tattingchic The tread I'm using is Lizbeth size 20 in color 119.

@isdihara I follow Tatskool :D :D I don't have more time for tatting this week, but I did pick up some new tatting thread...