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Monday, May 18, 2009

Crafting away...


That's what I was doing this weekend, making sleeves for a Muslim friend of mine to cover her wrists. 13 pairs since she's going on an extended out-of-country trip.

I've been busy as usual. Putting some finishing touches on some new articles for local crafty events and in my free time (har har!) I've been working on this:


Remember that hardanger I started last week? Now I'm almost done with the design and once I complete it and put some finishing touches on the pattern, I'm going to offer it here for free.

Working with this thread, I wonder if it can be used for tatting. I bet it could. Especially in the smaller sizes. With all the time in the world...

I'm going to dunk this pattern after I complete it and test Valdani's 'colorfast' promise. Who wants to watch?

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