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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If you want it, here it is. Come and get it.

Garden Party 1

If you liked it and wanted to stitch it, I've released the pattern.

Here's a shot of the detail:

Garden Party Detail

I didn't include instructions for how to do hardanger, but it's not that hard. There are plenty of instructions on the internet.

This pattern is fairly advanced, so feel free to make adjustments to make it a bit easier if you like.

It's free, and on flickr (having an account will make it easier to get it in its original size), so go get it and let me know how you did!

Garden Party by Rabid Designs

I'd love to see pictures of modifications people have done and colorways they chose, so feel free to come on back.

If you like this design, you'll probably love my other work. Feel free to check out my work on flickr (click any of the pictures above) and if you know of anyone who could use my skills, I could use the work!


Bidouillette said...

It's great!!! Really!!! I'll take it, some day, lol!!! Thank's!!!!!

Rabid said...

lol I know how that goes :D

Thanks for stopping by!

Tommye said...

It's a lovely quickie, but I think I'll do it in traditional white for a gift. Thanks.

Found your blog via Twitter...just thought you'd like to know. Will follow.


Rabid said...

I'd love to see it in traditional white. That's part of the reason I added so much detail in the stitches :D

I added you. Thanks for telling me how you got here!