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Thursday, August 20, 2009

FTC crashes the bamboo party

So the FTC (that's Federal Trade Commission for the uninitiated) just released a consumer alert informing all of us eco-friendly folks that bamboo (like the cake) is a lie. I used my google-fu to find that the eco-friendly folks have been talking about it for up to 2 years. Party sufficiently crashed, I felt compelled to write an article about it in the hopes that more bubbles will be burst, I mean, more consumers will be aware of what they're buying.

This hits all of us who use bamboo. Bamboo is now available in threads (Rainbow Gallery is one supplier), roving (several suppliers there) yarns (again, several suppliers), and fabrics and completed goods which crafters use to make or embellish even more products.

There is hope, as long as there's enough pressure on the industries to make changes, but it will increase our costs if we still want to use bamboo and demand that it be eco-friendly.

I'm disappointed, because I love bamboo yarn and couldn't wait to spin some up.


Wisdom4u said...

Perhaps one should consider that the FTC may be the one making false claims. Could it be? A Federal Agency having an ulterior motive? If our government told you they think it’s a great time for you to go out and buy a new home…wouldn’t you do a little research first to make certain that it was in your best interest?

If you want to fully understand the allegations the FTC is stating, as well as facts and evidence to the contrary, I would highly suggest reading the informative posts at so you can decide for yourself.

Rabid said...

The FTC *could* be making false claims. However, I got most of my information from other sources. The fact that the FTC is now saying something about it was just the cause of the article. Heading on over to your link.