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Tuesday, August 18, 2009



Tada! First sock ever is now complete. It's going to be the store sample for work. In the corner there you see my next sock project:


Finally working on this Knit Picks sock...hopefully I can tackle it.


Also starting what I assume will be Christmas presents for the masses. I got these giant balls of cotton yarn with some patterns included at Hobby Lobby.

Obviously I'm spending a lot of time on knitting/crochet right now. There's a reason for that...I'm gearing up for fall classes at JoAnn's because Lion Brand (check out the article) is sponsoring them. Can you say free yarn and tools? I hope other people can, because I'd like to put in some more hours teaching :D

In other news, I have to get these quilting samples done. I just hate pulling out and setting up my sewing machine if I'm not ready to go. It's such a pain in the rear. I should come up with a better set-up but I'm already taking up the entire living room with my craft/office set-up (Not kidding...moved the living room into the dining room) and I don't think I have room for more surfaces/stations.

I should share the pics of my set-up at some point.

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