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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Keeping Ahead of Deadlines

Struggling to stay ahead of deadlines but, as usual, supplies are flying in and completed works are flying out.

I've been slowly accumulating supplies I need to teach the fall classes at JoAnn's.


These are for the fall class, Quilting 201: Curved Seams. I know they're not fall colors, but they'll be cute nonetheless (if you're odd like me).


These are for the fall/winter class, Quilting 202: Steps Through My Garden. It's a 4 session class. I don't have all the supplies, but I'm getting them together.

Speaking of JoAnn's...


I'm almost done with the sock I need for a store sample. I don't know if I'll be knitting up one or two. I assume one, since that's what the class is about...but I can knit the other one during class so when it's over, I'll have a full set :)

That's the incoming and current projects. In outgoing we have this guy:


This sugar skull is now gone to his rightful owner. I'm sure he'll be well cared for.

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