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Friday, March 6, 2009

Coffee is delicious...

Boring run-downs: what I'm doing today.

I've been working on a pair of pajamas. I should probably post pics (I might edit later to do that). I'm using Olivia the Pig flannel for the pajama bottoms, which turned out quite cute.

I hand-embroidered the collar. I'll get pics of that, too.

Mostly, all I have to do now is the frog buttons. Frogs are Chinese knot buttons. They're quite cute, and simple to make. I have to make 4 sets. ONE is done. I'm so behind.

Check out the knot, though:


SO much easier than it looks! It's just soutache...which probably sounds foreign and weird to everyone but me.


GeekMommy said...

I miss coffee... I really do.

But awesome frogs!!

Rabid said...

hahaha thanks!

Coffee is delicious.