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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh, awesome!

I recently became a DMC Mentor. DMC=embroidery supplies company. Mentor=instructor/teacher. I have to say, I was pleased at how easy it was to sign up for their program, and it really helps MY work (I'm a needlework instructor), but that's the backstory, and I may expand on that in a bit.

What's awesome is that they just sent me a bunch of tiny cross stitch kits for a class I'll be teaching in April, and I didn't have to pay a thing. That'll cut everyone's costs for the class so hopefully more people will sign up :D

I realize it's the whole 'get people addicted to our product and they'll keep coming back' thing that gives people the willies, to a point, but it's really nice to see even big companies giving out freebies to their future customers. How often do you get something free in this day and age?

They're such cute little kits, too. I should take a picture.


It's actually laying over a copy of Zweigart's needlework magazine, at home with Needlework. I'm in love with that publication. I'm doing the cover piece and I'll post pictures when I make any significant progress.

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