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Friday, March 27, 2009



I like to bring small crafts on a trip, so I guess on this 'vacation' I'll be learning tatting. I know the very basics of using shuttles, but needles? I don't know what those are for. I picked them up anyway. Might be used in the same technique or another one. I guess I'll know when I get some time to work with it.

Anyone else know tatting? I tried to get someone to show me, but it's a dying art and I can't find anyone that knows it.

It's important to keep the old skills alive. They contain and display our history.


***Jon**** said...

Hi there! I feel that I should correct your statement about tatting. It is not a dying art. In fact it is thriving and is enjoyed by many people around the world. For starters, take a browse through this blog and see what the tatting community are doing,

If you are interested in tatting, may I suggest that you try and join a few online groups. Here are a couple for you to check out.

Then, there is the online tatting class for beginners which you can go to from this link,

I agree with on the importance of keeping the old skills alive. I think tatters are working very hard to do just that.

TattingChic said...

Hi!!! Does anyone else know tatting!?! What a fabulous question! Come on over to my blog and see all the fabulous tatting links I have on my sidebar! Then you'll see if anyone else knows tatting or not! :)

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