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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Guess what else March is?

In honor of national reading month (I love, love, love to read) I've added some more books to my amazon store but I'll link them here so you can get an understanding of why I'm recommending them.

Can reading an embroidery book really be reading? Only the best kind. Even grown-ups like picture books sometimes, especially for learning.

For freeform embroidery (more creativity, for those who don't like to color in the lines), there's a new good beginner book out there.

Have you seen it? I haven't gotten a chance to buy it yet but I've perused it several times and it's definitely going to be added to my collection.

I love it when they make needlework contemporary, but keep it beautiful. This is crewel...more structured than freeform embroidery, but it'll help build your skills.

For counted work work like cross stitch, needlepoint, hardanger, pulled thread, etc.

Cross stitch book, has some cute little patterns...for those who like to work only in cross stitch.

The best beginner-level cross stitch book to come out for those of us with a cranky side...ever.

It wouldn't be me if there wasn't any hardanger. Trust me on this one. I teach classes on this technique for a reason. It's that awesome.

Speaking of things that are awesome, these are must haves for your needlework library.

These two are some of the most comprehensive contemporary guides I've seen for a wide range of needlework stitches and techniques. I don't know how I got by without them. I started designing my own patterns just so I could do the weird stitches I loved in them. Absolutely A+.

Now, while you wait for your books to arrive, just wanted to let you know that eyeball hat is on sale.

Yarn spun by hand, eyeball felted and embroidered by hand, modeled by moi. You can't possibly hate on eyeball hat. It has an eyeball on it.

You might even be able to read faster with it on. Extra eyes are quite useful!

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