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Monday, June 29, 2009

Doing it wrong.

Class went very well, in spite of a pattern snafu. I really liked my student. She's a teenager (I said 'liked' and 'teenager' together???), but she's a pretty crafty gal and really wanted to learn. I hope she got a lot from the class.

Craft night went well too. Sent knitting needles home with a couple of people with some yarn, my friend A gave me some buttons she got off Etsy and they're perfect. I gave her some vinyl wall decal I got for being at JoAnn's on demo day. I was going to play with it myself, but I do NOT need more crafty hobbies. I'm apparently trying to limit myself to 50 or something.


In spite of my very busy weekend, I made a tiny bit of progress on the pattern I'm doing.


I picked up a scrap of synthetic leather for a future embroidery project.

I enjoyed this weekend, but I'm glad it's Monday. In spite of the fact that I have *some* work to do today (and all the laundry), at least I'm not in 500 directions at once.

I hope you guys had a good weekend.

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