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Friday, June 12, 2009

World Wide Knit in Public Day

Tomorrow I'll be demonstrating for the classes at JoAnn's Open House (get there for 50% off select classes and learn a new skill!) and I'll be knitting. Why? Because tomorrow is world wide knit in public day and you can bet I'll be KIP with the rest of the crazy crafters. How about you? Any plans for knitting in public tomorrow?

If you want more information about world wide knit in public day, visit their website and get busy!

As for me, I'm still making preparations for demonstrations tomorrow.


Hopefully I'll have at least THIS done and it can come with me tomorrow. HOPEFULLY I'll have more things done as well.


Something I'm working on so I can write an article. Of course, I'll only be able to complete this little project once my demonstration stuff is together/done. Ugh.

In good news though...


Tada! Got my business cards. Pretty nifty for free (plus shipping of course).

I'd say more but I HAVE to get this craft stuff done for tomorrow.


Tommye said...

I am stitching this weekend and hope to finish my Grace Mason I can start a new sampler. lol

Gotta love those free biz cards.


Rabid said...

haha oh I've had my eyes on a sampler sitch along but I don't think I'll have time :(