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Monday, June 8, 2009


Update on the long-lost project. I'm almost done.

I actually call it Florida because I picked up the supplies on a trip there. Crafters know that when we settle in on vacation, we have to find the craft stores and pick up a souvenir that we have to make ourselves.


That's how much detail is around the edges. The squares that were blank before are now 'sunflowers'. That's what this window pattern is called.


With all that stitching around the edges (some of it was modified from the original pattern), I thought the middle looked pretty plain so I decided to spice it up a bit with a stitch I just learned called the plaited square stitch.

I marked out the base stitches, wove over them, wove around those stitches, removed the framing threads, and voila!


It's my first time with this stitch, so it's not perfect, but I really like it. It looks complex on the front, but if you look at the back...


...that's all that's holding the design in place! Pretty neat, huh?


I think it looks pretty small in the center though, so I'm going to come up with a curvy border that will look good there and cover up some of that fabric.

Oddly, when I picked up that colorway of floss (Carnival, by Caron Collection), I was told I'd never be able to find a fabric that would go with it.

What do you think? Did I manage it anyway? ;)

Now I'll have to get to felting that bag and finish up this Bad Juju. There will be pics.


s said...

wow oh wow! Great job!

Rabid said...

Thanks muchly!