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Monday, June 22, 2009

Knit Picks Gloves, DPNs, Stitch Markers, and Other Accomplishments/Failures

Accomplishments the past few days:


Even though I used DPNs to hold my stitches, I still managed to finish 1.5 gloves. The pattern is from Knit Picks, it's the Men's Convertible Gloves pattern. Making them for a friend, and then I have to make another pair.


I am not a perfect knitter, but they say practice makes perfect? One glove complete, the other is almost complete.


I managed to take a picture today of my TUSAL jar for the Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long The best SAL ever, in that it involves saving your threads and other tiny needlework bits. You work on whatever you want and save the leftovers. Yeah, there's yarn in there. There are tiny shreds of quilting fabric in there too, because I can't follow instructions. I love this SAL. It's my favorite. You should join.

I cranked out a couple of articles for one site this weekend. One was even crafts related.

I also managed to get up to work to add some classes to my teaching schedule as well as pick up some supplies.


Wire. Oddly, all of this is for knitting. The wire, the fabric, the beads. How? The fabric is becoming a needle organizer to hold my DPNs, and the beads and wire are for stitch holders because if everyone else jumped off a bridge I'd do it too.

The problem here comes up in my list of:



I know NOTHING about beading. Beads in needlework? Oh sure. Beads on wire? I don't know wire. I don't know supplies or tools or the best way to thread things unless it pertains to needlework. After attempting to close these things 3 different ways I've admitted defeat and will now do what I was avoiding doing earlier. Find and read some instructions.


I also have no idea what this guy is supposed to be:



I am befuddled.

Another failure...2 partial socks started, 2 frogged. One is a Knit Picks pattern. The other, well I just knitted it on needles that were apparently too big so that's not a big deal. At least I did it correctly!


Pretty sock from Knit Picks pattern with Knit Picks yarn on Knit Picks needles...all frogged now. The other sock, I was halfway down the foot before I realized it needed to be frogged. :( I can't yet check 'make a pair of socks' off my list of goals.

In other failures, I took pictures for an article to write on storing wool roving but have yet to write the article, re-size them, and upload them.


TattingChic said...

Those are very pretty stitch markers! :)

Rabid said...

Awww, thanks. I wish I had enough skill with wires and beads to make them useful. Someday :)