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Thursday, September 3, 2009

A day late and a dollar short, once again.

I am now signed up for Craft a day September, aka CADS, which means I'll be making something every day. I know it's the 3rd. Fortunately, I'm usually cracking something out almost every day anyway, so I'm not behind.

Go sign up if you're feeling brave!

In other news...recent completions and projects...


One of two towels done for the fall embroidery class I'll be teaching. I wanted halloween patterns for the towels and was running short on time to design my own patterns. However, Quixotic Pixels was kind enough to share some free Halloween embroidery designs which are perfect for my purposes. I think people will like the designs. I know I do!

In other news, still wrestling with the wall quilt, which is bigger than I thought it'd be.


Huge, and yet still not big enough to be anything useful...because it's just a sample and not the full class project.


It's going so slow because I have almost no workspace to do something as large as a quilt. This is maddening and will have to be resolved since I'm quilting more and more often now. I had to roll the top and bottom of this wall quilt panel so I could fit it on the table to tack it down for stitching.

It's now my quilt scroll. The back is brown, so it looks like a giant tootsie roll when it's not opened. Whatever it is I think I see apparently DOES become a tootsie roll to me.


I also pulled out some silk and I've been spinning that up. Unfortunately, I think I'm spinning it up too thick so I'll probably have to fix that.

What will I do with a bunch of skinny silk yarn? Only time will tell, but first on the agenda is dyeing it. I'm counting on instructions at Wormspit to help me with that.

In other news...I've also had a few articles published, if you're interested.

This one is flower pressing 101, with instructions on how to press flowers the old fashioned way and how to make wax paper leaves, in case you've forgotten the details. Perfect crafts for kids, and perfect crafts for fall. Also, surprisingly eco-friendly. Ah, share so many gifts.

For Halloween lovers, or Tim Burton fans, or Alice in Wonderland fans (I think I've hit the entire population with these categories no?), I also published instructions for making Alice's costume based off the trailer for the upcoming Alice in Wonderland movie, which will be out in March of 2010. Want the costume instructions? No pattern required, ages preschooler through adult. Start now so you won't be late to a very important Halloween Party date. ;)

And, in case you missed it, the Halloween Wall Quilt instructions are up again.


Tink Shui said...

Thank you for taking part in CADS:) Nice to meet you and I look forward to seeing what you make this month.

Patty said...

A craft a day? Go, you! I recently saw that Halloween pattern in my stash and wasn't sure where it came from. Thanks for linking to Quixotic Pixels so now I know.