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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The mayhem continues


Finally got the supplies together to make this paper pieced pumpkin store sample I'll be doing for work. I won't be starting it til next week, however.


All of this and more is going into classes I'm teaching this week at work. Except for the silver shiny stuff on the bottom.


The silver shiny stuff is being made into an ironing pad. It is desperately needed, and I don't have the space for an ironing board. I much prefer something that's easier to set up and take down. I'll make a tutorial.

All the quilting is making an ironing board or pad rather necessary.


That's why. I made 20 feet of bias tape to make sure I'd have enough to get around this store sample. I'm almost done, but it'll need to be pressed again. I wasn't sure what type of pattern to quilt with. Freehand isn't one of my specialties, that's for sure. I'll have to get better at it anyway.


I'm also cranking out more Christmas presents. This one's the Green Living market tote pattern from Lion Brand. I'm not sure of the exact name at the moment, but it's coming together fairly quickly. I'm going to make at least one more.

Still participating in Craft-A-Day September (CADS). Haven't taken pictures of everything I've done, because most of it is just in stages of completion, but stuff flies out of here fairly regularly, so I'm pretty sure I'm still on track. Big stuff takes more than a day. If I could do a quilt in a day, I'd be a quilter ;)

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