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Friday, September 4, 2009

Randomness and the Stash Guardian


Went to Outback tonight and picked up some coasters. I'm hoping I'll be able to use them for tablet weaving, which I'd like to take up when I have time. By my current schedule, I'm estimating I'll finally have time to learn tablet weaving in 2035. It never hurts to be prepared though!


Got some leftover supplies through the local craft network. I'm sure I'll be able to put these to good use. This is all yarn, of course.


This is stash guardian and yarn thief. He's a 10 lb Californian from a local rescue. He's been a member of the family for over a year, and no one will ever open my quilting fabrics drawer without his permission. You can count on it.

He's probably one of the most awesome pets ever. Not very needy, extremely lazy, and hilarious. Litter box trained, makes no noise...except for the shedding and destruction of property he's pretty much the perfect pet. Not that hair tumbleweeds and eating of the furniture aren't problems. He's just that worth it.

If you have any knit or crochet gauge swatches, he would like to add them to his growing collection so he can pile them up and lay on them like a dragon lays atop their pile of gold. If he sees you making gauge swatches, he will rip them right off your hook or needles, cut the yarn with his teeth, and run off with them. There's no arguing with a rabbit this big because he can stand on his hind legs to reach your lap. They are his and you will hand them over. One does not argue with Chuck (Norris).

In other news I just ordered $60 in quilting supplies for my fall classes from Rulers and rotary cutters and tailor's pencils, oh my! Best part of it all, aside from the free shipping, is that I didn't have to pay one red cent for it. I get amazon gift cards when I collect enough swagbucks, input them on when I get the code, and then when I want to place an order I can use all the cards I've saved up at once to pay for my purchase and shipping. I get whatever I want, and it's all free. Swagbucks has lots of other prizes too, but I haven't bought every single item on my amazon wishlist yet.

It actually works, and all I have to do is search using their firefox plug in instead of google. It uses google to bring me results, and sometimes I win swagbucks. I win 1-3 per day, and an amazon gift card costs 45 swagbucks. It's no effort past setting it up and getting used to using it. It's free. It works. I've gotten almost $200 in amazon gift cards in less than a year and I still can't believe it.

You can sign up using this link. You don't have to, but FREE CRAFT SUPPLIES AND BOOKS. With all the scams I've seen...the programs/clubs, the 'pay to get information on how to get free stuff' that turns out to be cheap, tacky goods that you wouldn't want, I'm so relieved that I stumbled upon something that's actually legit.

When I get my order (it's not the first I've gotten), I'll post the video of me opening my shiny new craft stuff :D

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