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Monday, September 14, 2009

Free swag!

Got my free stuff from amazon thanks to Swagbucks! Not my first order, but it is my first video. They apparently love videos? Now you can hear my voice (omg)!

In other news, Craft a day September is wonky over here. I AM crafting every day, but not finishing every day.

Recent WIPs include:


Still working on these socks. Down to the feet now! These aren't for my classes, they're for me. It's the knitpicks Lily of the Valley pattern, which assuredly looks much better in different yarn. I care not. I wanted this yarn.

Recent finishes:


Store sample for the fall/winter "Steps Through My Garden" quilting class at JoAnn's is complete! I had to take the pic in the classroom because I didn't have time to try to take a good pic at home, but it's done done done!

I'll be finishing more random stuff during the week including these socks. I've also started another one for a class I taught today and have to get 8 inches of sock done by next week ;)

I also have to draft 2 hardanger patterns for the November/December trend classes I'll be teaching. Holiday ornaments are fun!

1 comment:

Tink Shui said...

Personally I don't think it matters if you don't finish the item, just that your trying to be creative every day:)