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Friday, September 25, 2009

Other stuff...

Besides the contest (see previous post), I'm also busy with other stuff.

If you couldn't tell from the previous post, I got my copy of Aion so that'll be sucking up some time. I'm a gamer as well as a crafter. I can't let it suck up TOO much time though, because I have to finish a bunch of WIPs.


I finished yet another bag. I think I'm going to stiffen the fabric and probably line the bag (and most likely add pockets) so I'll have another bag to carry crafts around in. I made this at work while teaching Sewing 201. The front panels are sideways but I'm pretending that was intentional, as the instructions don't specify which way the front and back panels are supposed to be sewn together.

Bags are really popular this year, and I have so much stuff going on, it's hard to stay organized without them.


I'm making progress on the cabled afghan as well. While I don't have a progress picture, I'm inserting a gratuitous picture so you can see how ridiculously girly the combination of my needle tips and the yarn is. I can barely cope.

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