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Friday, September 25, 2009

Impromptu Contest.

I'm having an impromptu contest out of boredom. You do my work for me, and you get a chance to win random craft supplies. It won't be's not The Most Awesome Contest of the Year...but it'll be free and straight from my stash.

The reason I'm not LISTING what's in said prize package is because I (and my readers) do so many types of crafts that it's hard to put together a fun prize that everyone would want. However...if you want to know what could be in it, remember that I do ridiculous amounts of embroidery. I knit and crochet. I quilt and sew. I spin yarn and felt (wet and dry felting). I dabble in lace and other random nonsense, and my bead collection is getting out of control for no good reason. I also hoard books and have a couple extra copies of certain things. It's not that it HAS to go (though some of it probably should)'s just that I need your opinion and I'm willing to bribe you to get it.

Are we on the same page here? Good. Now here's what you have to do to enter.

I am in the middle of designing two biscornu (cross stitch) patterns with a Christmas theme, and I want to use the same colors with both of them. Problem is, my supplier (Valdani) sent me more colors than I can use in the collection, and the colors are so awesome that I can't pick a favorite. I'm counting on readers to pick a favorite for me. There are only two choices, so it's not that difficult. It's just that I'm completely undecided so I'm bribing you to help. *shakes mystery box* IT COULD BE ANYTHING!

Here are your choices:



The only difference between set one and set two is that 2 of the balls in the front row are different (the gold and the green). Do you see why this is hard? I have to decide which gold and green go the best with all the other colors.

YOUR MISSION (if you choose to accept it):

Pick a favorite between options one and two.

Comment with:
Your favorite.
The type of crafts you normally do or enjoy (I have to know what to send you if you win!)
A way to contact you if you win (email address, blogger name, etc) and your name so if you DO win, I'm not telling everyone that Kleptosaurus39284 won my contest.

Do that and you get one entry into the Impromptu Contest.

If you link on your blog or other site, comment here with the link (I will verify) and you get one more entry into the contest.

Not too grueling, is it? Now the fine print.

Contest ends at 11:59pm EST on Friday, October 2nd, 2009
Winner will be chosen by using the random # generator at
Maximum of 2 entries per person.
This is an international contest, so readers in other countries CAN enter.
The winner will be posted on this blog (check back!) on Saturday and contacted via email. If, for some reason, the winner cannot be notified by email then I will only post the winner here. The winner has 1 week (until Oct. 10th) to contact me to give me shipping information for their prize. If I am not contacted within that week, I will select another winner again using the random number generator.
Prize is chosen at my discretion and may contain materials, tools, completed bits or pieces, or any combination of the above.
Blog owner is not responsible if products you make with prize materials do not match but you use them together anyway and end up featured on the Homemade Hilarity blog.

This blog post will self-destruct it won't. Good luck!


Maxine said...

This is Aimee, Maxine is leftover from a blog I don't use anymore, but it's tied to my email address, so there you are. I like the second one because I like the light green better. But I sort of hate that muddy yellow. If I could, I'd switch the yellows and choose the the lighter green. Still, the light green is the sticking point for me. You know what I do, right? I'm just about exclusively a crocheter/knitter, though I have dabbled in cross stitch and sewing, they are not my main crafts and I have to REALLY want to make a particular thing to do either :) My captcha word has poop as the first 4 letters, just thought I'd say...poop!

ladyofthelog said...

I like #2. It's more of a traditional Victorian Christmas color set.

Needlework! Knitting! It's all good!

Jay said...

the top one cuz the gold is so striking.

DebsCrafts said...

I like the first one if your doing something for Christmas. I do ll kinds of crafts so surprise me if I win. I'm posting under my blogger name, you can reach me through there. I also linked to you here

pious26 said...

The green from 1, with the gold from 2.

Look at me being all picky and difficult. :)


Tommye said...

I like #2 because it's more subtle. I do all sorts of counted thread work, knit, and bead.

Love seeing your many different projects.


Henrietta said...

I like #2 best, only because of that lighter green. I agree with Maxine/Aimee though, if I could I'd switch that muddy yellow out for the gold! For some reason I just don't like the dark green!

So glad to have discovered your blog, I love to crochet, sew a bit, all sorts of crafty type objects and love trying new ones! I like the "idea" of cross stitch but haven't the patience to finish it!

ikkinlala said...

I prefer option 2.

I'm mostly a knitter. I also do a little bit of spinning and a little bit of quilting.

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

arlette said...

Hmmmmm the picture numeber 2 caught my attention, I just love the colours you changed from the pic 1. I love to make crafts, I like to use my hands, lol, Well I do like crochet, embrodeir (cross stitch, hardanger), but I'm having an affair with quilting right now, and I'm not ashamed to say that, lol I love it very much. I already blogged about it

pixie13 said...

I prefer number one; I like the deeper colors. I think it just "goes Better" with the other colors, too. I knit, crochet, & make quilts. Thanks!

Jenn said...

Hi! It's Jenn (
I knit!

I would say #2, because the green and gold in the top look too much like Green Bay Packers colors and are therefor, lame.
I think the colors in #2 (no pun intended) are warmer and less cartoony.

Yvonne said...

I know it's already closed, but wanted to say I would have voted for #2.